French Escape Slots

With many of the themed slots games available, fans of international travel need not book a plane ticket to experience the world outside their front door. Francophiles can delight in special Parisian themed slots games, complete with authentic images of the City of Lights.

The Artistic City

One of the things Paris is most famous for is its extensive collection of art in world famous museums such as the Louvre. Software producer RealTime Gaming celebrates Paris's artistic reputation with a game that features many of the famous paintings in Paris. Players of Paris Beauty can experience this artistic magic by matching up symbols like the painter's palette and the beret-wearing artiste. Special combinations of symbols can uncover images of the most famous paintings, unlock bonus games, and win significant amounts of money.

French Culture

Other Parisian themed slots games allow players to vicariously experience the unique French culture. Popular foods like the French loaf and croissant appear as symbols in some games. Other games are populated by significant French landmarks. Players can match up the Eiffel Tower with the Arc de Triomphe and marvel in the incredible architecture of the city. The right sequence of these landmarks can even open special bonus games that further celebrate France.

Paris has long captured the imagination of people around the world, with its remarkably nuanced culture. Now, online players can experience the wonder of this magical city through Parisian themed slots games.