Fantasy Themed Slots

Fairytales aren't just stories with the many fantasy themed games offered by online casinos. These slots games feature the many tropes of fairytales from knights and swords, to unicorns and fair maidens. On top of this, with the potential to win massive cash prizes, the fairytale themed slots games can actually make players' wildest fantasies come true.

King Arthur and the Holy Grail

One popular fantasy theme that comes through in a game offered by Microgaming is the story of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The game Avalon allows players to recreate the story of King Arthur by seeking after key objects like the Lady of the Lake, the sword Excalibur, a crown and coat of arms, and finally the Holy Grail. As players seek after these objects, they increase their bankroll, winning riches of their own. Software provider Vegas Technology also offers a Holy Grail themed game called Grail Maiden.

Maidens, Dungeons, and Dragons

The incredibly popular role play game of Dungeons and Dragons also gets a slots game offered by Wizards of the Coast. This game is unique in that players actually get to engage in some role play, adopting a character and building a story through spins of the slot reels instead of rolls of the dice. Players complete quests and develop a fantasy that is uniquely theirs with the game, making it a sure fit for fans of slots and RPGs alike.

Borrowing from the iconic images of fairytales and legends and giving players a shot at winning thousands of dollars, these themed slot games give gamers a chance to live out all of their fantasies.