Halloween Themed Slots

Online slots games offer hundreds of different themed games for fans of any sport, genre, or even holiday. Fans of Halloween don't have to wait for October 31st to come along to enjoy their skeletons, ghosts, and other tricks and treats. They can now enjoy the many new spooky slots games any time they want.


One of the leading Halloween themed games is offered by Microgaming and is called Halloweenies. This game has all of the hallmarks of the holiday with carved pumpkins that open bonus games, skeletons that offer free spins, and plenty of other treats along the way. Players can match up their favorite sweets and chocolates without the worry of a stomachache or cavity the next day.

Trick or Treat

Vegas Technology also offers a great new game that offers more treats and tricks. Trick or Treat also features the symbols of the season with witches, tombstones, and Jack O Lanterns. The spooky sound effects contribute to the haunted feel of the game. This game, though, is all about fun, with an assortment of bonus games and free spins that can enable the player to walk away with more than a bag of treats.

There's no need for fans of the ghostly and scary to wait for the end of October every year. Halloween themed games allow players to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the fun holiday year round, and their potential prizes are nothing to say boo to.